COM Skills

  • Being able to communicate effectively is the most important of all life skills. It can be of any type as listed below
  • Vocally using voice,
  • Written using printed or digital media such as books, magazines, websites or emails, Visually using logos, maps, charts or graphs and
  • Non-verbally using body language, gestures, facial expression, the tone and pitch of voice.

Organizational Behavior

  • OB skills are abilities and personality traits related to individual and institutional organizations, and are very important in many work settings..
  • Skill sets like preparation, communication, and time management are all essential for organization and are, therefore, valuable in many work settings.

Managerial skills

  • These skills are what the manager uses to assist the organization in accomplishing its goals. It’s a toolbox for what a manager needs to perform their job effectively.
  • Three categories:

    • Technical skills,
    • Human skills and 
    • Conceptual skills


  • All about having a vision of where you want to be and working to achieve that vision.
  • The ability to lead effectively dealing with people in such a way as to motivate, enthuse and build respect.